Fiesta Feet

Let's Talk About Birthdays

Steve McKinlay

This post is going to be a little serious for a bit, which maybe off tone for our company, but bear with me...

Think back to those early birthdays, your friends crowded around the dining room table, your mom pulling the cake out of the fridge, your dad lighting the candle and protecting the delicate flame with a cupped hand, the tight strap of the colorful cone hat around your chin as your mind starts racing for what your wish is going to be! So overwhelming! Not to mention the presents!

Even if you can check one of those things off your list. You are lucky beyond belief, don't ever take those moments for granted.

I think almost everybody knows that we donate for every pair of shoes sold to Casa Kamami, an amazing foster home in Mexico for girls that have been sexually abused. It is an awesome place and a great cause that give these girls so much of what they need to live a normal life... which is why we are hoping to bring more joy into these girls lives. 

We developed a new shoe, the Piñata Party, for this purpose. With each pair of these sold, we have built a special "birthday fund" with Casa Kamami. And all the money built up from the sale of these shoes will go to getting the girls gifts and the meal of their choice for their birthday.

PLUS LOOK HOW CUTE THESE SHOES ARE! These are one of our favorite styles and with the leather molding to your foot and the ankle strap locking it in for that extra gold bling they are just perfection. The colors are bright and bold but the green and navy tones make them conservative enough for every day use.

If you want compliments on your shoes... it is hard to do better than these. So let us know what you think in the comments, and lets get these girls some birthday memories!