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The History of Huaraches (pronounced Wah-Rah-Chehs)

Steve McKinlay

Maybe Huaraches sound or feel new to you, but they have been woven into your psyche for years, you might not have realized it, known exactly what they were, or maybe you have faint memories of the word that you just can't put your finger on it.

"You'd see them wearing their baaaaggggiiiiieeees.... Huarachi sandals toooooooo"

Was a line from the Beach Boys Surfin' USA. Written in 1963 and if you haven't heard it, you might live under a rock. Or maybe you recognize the name from Nike's new running shoe line (more on that later).

A Huarache is a handmade woven sandal commonly found in Mexico made of leather and often rubber soles. Anyways, these (not always) cute shoes have been around since ancient times. They are believed to have come from the pre-Columbian era. Huaraches were widely worn in peasant communities and manufactured with what was left over from other products around towns. 

They didn't know it at the time, but they invented the perfect shoe. Breathable, soft, comfortable with a tough sole and an upper that molds and stretches to your foot.  In a little bit more modern times, the 1930's, (with the rise of rubber from the automotive industry) the huarache was made with black rubber soles and you might still see some made like that today.

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But with our shoes, we wanted to bring them to the 21st century, add a little twist and some beautiful colors, and we think the results are spectacular. Which is why we use a synthetic sole, its just tougher, and we can take advantage of a more durable material while keeping the principals of the principles of the product true. A particular feature that is very important for the huarache is the fact that it is hand woven. Which brings us back to Nike... Don't you just love it when corporations take a cultural icon (like the huarache) and just make it their own, without any history, without any recognition? Frustrating. So move over Nike! We got some people to educate!

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