Fiesta Feet

This Week We Celebrate Craftswomanship

Steve McKinlay

Here at Fiesta Feet, one of our core values is empowering without victimization. We love celebrating women and what they are capable of. Our huaraches are made with love and care by women in Mexico and we released a new video highlighting that (below). 

It is amazing to hear them laugh while they work, and the speed at which their hands move creating beautiful shoes.

A big reason we released this video is because we want our customers to be proud to wear something hand made, something made with incredible skill and speed. We want them to feel that appreciation for an old art form that rarely exists in todays society.

We know our social media following is small but we are new and growing quickly! We want our followers to tag women in their lives that are great at CREATING THINGS. Whether it be for a hobby or a full time job. The response has been great for our mighty small numbers and hope more people can jump in on the fun. Plus it is always fun to be recognized for something you do or a skill you have that you might not have known was just bad ass.

So cheers to the women in our lives that create with their hands!